MOVIGAME is growing up as a top-tier global service portal

Vision & strategy

“The Creative Management Platform for Digital Advertising”

Developing a sustainable growth model and securing brand awareness as a global top-ranked game maker
  • Global Service

    Advance into the global market based on excellent game content and advertising services
  • Premier Service

    Providing high-quality service by securing technological power with market competitiveness and developing stable service platform / Advances into the global market based on excellent game content and advertising services
  • Technical Engineering

    Possess service know-how for all stages of business from initial to maintenance and management.
  • Business Partner

    Create sustainable future value with global service partners and build trust with publishing partners
Leap into a global company by strengthening our game portfolio and expanding our business scope step by step.

“3 Enter for world mate”

  • 1. First Enter

    Create new markets through the entry into the HTML5 game market
    Arrange the lineup for the game supply through finding out development companies
    Lay the foundation for profits through successful entry into the Japanese market
  • 2. Second Enter

    Secure global bridgeheads and pioneering markets around Asia
    Acquisition of big game IP and preemption of new project
    Securing the No.1 brand in the Japanese market in 2018 and maximizing sales
  • 3. Third Enter

    Expand service to North American & European markets
    Build a unified platform and workforce for global service
    Entry into PLAYABLE ADS market
    • MOVIGAME service

      We run and manage a portal site consisting of HTML5-based games. It is not limited to domestic but also linked with famous global portals to increase games awareness all over the world.
    • HTML5 game development

      We make our own games with HTML5.
      Using the attributes of HTML5, we try to create games that are very light in terms of capacity but not as light in terms of fun.

      Because it is easy to access to any device with features of HTML5, the screen is configured so that it's not inconvenient in any situation such as PC, tablet PC, mobile landscape mode and so on.
    • SME(Small and Medium-sized Enterprises) cooperation

      We support know-how and technical skills to create HTML5 games for SMEs in Korea, and when high-quality HTML5 games are produced, we can generate profits for both companies through the service.

      We're looking at different genres of games. The goal is to ensure that at least one user of both sexes can have their favorite games and wait for similar types of games to be updated.
    • R&D

      As we are pioneering new markets ahead of others, we are focusing on research and development. Making games in a more pleasant environment to users is a top priority.

      We are pursuing a global business that is not limited to the domestic market. The main model is to put ads on the service for certain period, exclusive game contracts for specific games, and changing, producing and delivering of resources to match the service location.
    • Customer Support

      We are always opened to your opinions. We receive inquiries through the site in real time and are responding to all inquiries. MOVIGAME is not afraid of change.