• Game development
  • We develop HTML5-based brand-new and provoking games. We aim to create a customized game with the advantages of HTML5 that can be played with quick and fun, and zero-burden of downloading.

  • Platform porting
  • Games that developed by UNITY or other programs are converted to HTML5 and re-created with upgraded appearance. HTML5 platform makes it possible to have a broader and universal service.

  • Advertising partnership
  • With the high-speed and fun of HTML5, Ads. that are continuously exposed in the game are enough to impress information to users. We provide customized advertisement based on age and gender.

  • Publishing
  • We support to upload and have service of HTML5 games to various & active portal channels. It's a great opportunity to show precious games for gamers.

    It's playable on all of network devices you have