MOVIGAME wishes to meet users in various places.

  • HTML5 Games & Contents Platform - Popcongame

    OPEN _ 2018. 08. 13

    We aim to build an open platform where users can easily access and share their fun with others, not just HTML5 games, but any contents.
  • Service channeling (CashWalk)

    OPEN _ 2018. 04. 05

    CashWalk is a application that accumulates points every time you walk. You can take your health on foot and have benefits from various partner companies. A popular game called "Penguin Dash" of MOVIGAME is now on service in CashWalk. Play the "Penguin Dash" and record your score and get points based on your ranking.
  • YAHOO Game Plus

    OPEN _ 2017. 07. 18

    YAHOO Game Plus is a platform that evolved from YAHOO Simple Game Zone. You can enjoy HTML5-based games directly through your PC or smartphone without installing them, and 52 developers and publishers participated in and have launched 39 games. Among them, we MOVIGAME has taken up eight games and is planning to provide additional games.

    OPEN _ 2017. 11. 20

    This is a Korean site of MOVIGAME that we develop and service ourselves. It's the fastest site where you can meet the HTML5 games developed by MOVIGAME. Various events are always on this site.